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Why Prism Group


Our Thoughtful



Over 15 years of experience in resolving worker’s compensation cases through mediation.

Unique Venue

Claris Pointe: Where resolution takes place on the path to a better tomorrow.

Care and Respect

The principles which guide our thoughts and actions for everything we do.


Perspective is the mindset.
is the tool.
is the result.

Our Clients

We are extremely proud to serve our clients and offer our appreciation for their trust in Prism Group.


  • Alan’s skills as a mediator are exceptional, but his greatest gift is the ability to quickly earn the trust and respect of everyone seeking resolution of a claim. Alan can create a genuine connection with people from all walks of life, and my clients and I have received tremendous value from his talents for the past 15 years.

    Jimmy Hollier

    NuenerPate Attorneys at Law

  • One of the major strengths of Prism’s work is the ability to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of each party’s case and explain it to them with an assessment of where the case is going in the future. The strength of a mediator is in the ability to make each side understand these concepts and evaluate their position. Alan listens to both sides and their discussion of the individual circumstances of the claim, or the working of the comp system as a whole, and then works intently to focus each side on this evaluation of their position.

    Eskridge “Sam” Smith

    Smith Law Office

Our Model

Unlike traditional pricing structures based on time, Prism Group charges based on results. We respect the presence and participation of all parties involved, and our results-based price structure reflects this. We believe you should pay for results, not time.

Our prices are all-inclusive, and we have only two:

  • Resolved
  • Unresolved

Contact our office for pricing details regarding your case.

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With extensive experience and proven expertise, we help individuals and businesses resolve conflict and successfully move forward. Contact us to learn more or schedule a mediation.

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