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Why Mediation

Perspective is the mindset.

Mediation is the tool.

Resolution is the result.

At Prism Group, we believe mediation is an opportunity to discover a common ground, resolve conflict and move forward toward a renewed purpose. Our mediation strategy provides all parties involved the possibility to come to a resolution faster.

The secret to effective mediation is knowing there’s always a fresh way of looking at things.

Our job is helping people see it.

In the process of mediation, it is critical to have a keen understanding of people, an ability to ask the important questions and a passion to help those in dispute see situations in a new light.

Prism Group’s proven mediation experience is grounded in the belief that perspective has the capacity to change how businesses and people see the same situation or data. This change in perspective leads to mindsets that yield effective results.

Mediation “the Prism way” provides an effective, efficient and simple path to streamline the risks present in business and life. Though not exclusively, our primary focus has been the resolution of workers’ compensation and injury claims, an essential part of any business’ risk program.

Time is the great enemy in workers’ compensation, and at Prism Group, we seek a path of resolution favorable to all parties early in the process. Early intervention reduces expenses and exposure to the business and frees the injured or aggrieved parties to move toward a better tomorrow.

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We believe effective resolution involves a holistic approach and is a fluid process worthy of constant attention and refinement. Contact us to learn more or schedule a mediation.