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The Reason for the Season

Now an overused, worn out phrase, “the reason for the season” packs a deep punch that we often don’t think twice about after having heard it for years and seen it in countless ads. “The reason for the season:” Joy. Peace. Gratitude. Our individual stories of tradition & meaning. Of course, these are among the “reasons” we gather, we shop, we eat, and we “be merry” this time of year; but why only for a season?

The universal feelings of generosity, kindness, and togetherness that seem to be ubiquitously present this time of the year are hard to complain about, but if one critique could be offered it would be this: why do we reserve these feelings for a particular season? What would the other 9-10 months of the year feel like if we always acted as if everyone deserved a hot meal around a table with loved ones? Or we didn’t save speaking our gratitudes aloud for one day of the year in our best dressed clothes in our own dining room? Or we went door-to-door singing things besides carols at other times of the year?

To be fair, the “magic” of Christmas or Thanksgiving would surely be diminished if they were monthly occurrences (and our waistlines would surely not be diminished if this were the case!), but what if we could take the “reasons” for “the season” and extend them beyond these last days of the year?

In our work as a mediation firm, Prism strives to keep these feelings alive not only in the way we interact with clients, but in the way we treat everyone who walks through our doors, in the way we decorate our office, in the services we provide, and in the way we live even beyond the walls of our office. We truly aim to have joy in our work. To bring peace to conflicted parties. To have gratitude even when the days are long. In this way, “the reasons for the season” last through the year and make what we do here different. We hope you agree, and we hope you accept this invitation to extend joy, peace, gratitude, and all the other “reasons” for the season beyond just this holiday season.