The debate of ZOOM vs ROOM

The debate of ZOOM vs ROOM

Events over the past few months have shown us all the importance of adaptability and perseverance in both business and life, and Prism Group has been navigating these ups and downs successfully. COVID-19 catapulted Prism into a “new way” of continuing to bring resolution. We, like much of the world, quickly became “Zoomers”, connecting with others and conducting mediations in a virtual format. Throughout this time, a new question began to rise: “Will Zooming replace in-person mediations?”

We rose to the challenge and adapted to this new way with many successful virtual mediations. After months of conducting mediations in this way, we strongly believe the value of being together, connecting in person, and having a “real time” presence outweighs the benefits of virtual mediations.

“It’s just not the same,” is an example of what we’ve heard over the past few months as many people did their best to adjust to this new normal. At Prism Group, we know and truly believe that successful mediations should be heavily based upon perspective, respect, connection, and trust.

While Zoom offers certain advantages and conveniences, it doesn’t offer the presence of people working together on solutions for a better tomorrow. We humans need and crave that connection that arises best and most authentically when we are physically present with each other. Zoom and other virtual platforms are a nice alternative for when we can’t or shouldn’t physically gather, but “It’s just not the same” as presence.

Prism Group is excited to return back to offering in-person mediations, and we are still continuing to offer Zoom mediations for those who may prefer it. If you’re interested in learning more about Prism Group or interested in booking a mediation, please contact us.