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The Path to Resolution: At Work, At Home & In The World


A participating party refuses to make concessions about their case, although the path to a smoother, less stressful tomorrow is obviously in contradiction to what they say they want. How can they not see this?

It’s week 3 of your spouse lamenting about their latest struggles at work, and no matter what you suggest, you’re met with resistance. Why aren’t they at least trying to solve the problem?

The other side” wants to handle the problem this way, but that’s clearly ridiculous and makes no sense. How could they think this way?

Everyday— in the mediation room, at home, in the world— we are confronted with choices, beliefs and actions of others that we may not understand or agree with. And when others think differently than we do, it’s easy to conclude that “they” are blind, ignorant, careless, foolish. This labeling creates a distance between “us” and “them,” one that feels good, initially, because it assures us that it is not us who are “stupid” or foolish, it is “them.” We are the smart ones, the right ones, the ones who see clearly. If only “they” could think like us.

In maintaining this distance, we also maintain the subconscious belief that if those who disagreed with us would only come over to our side, things would be better, the problem would be solved, and all would be right. The greater the distance between “us” and “them,” the easier it is to maintain this belief.

We at Prism Group, though, believe resolution happens when both parties are willing to bridge that gap, to close the distance between “our side” and “the other side.” We believe resolution happens— at work, at home & in the world—when each side has the courage to walk towards the other in efforts to understand them.

Walking towards “the other” requires us to put our Egos aside, however. When we choose resolution, we must also choose to abandon our position and seek to understand another. We must choose to forego being “right” in exchange for moving forward in resolution together. Prism’s path to resolution is not about what each side wants, it’s about what both sides want: resolution. We believe resolution begins with an effort to understand “the other side”— at work, at home & in the world.

April Showers Bring More Than May Flowers

an image of beautiful white flower in a field that reads "April Showers Bring More Than May Flowers"

As the old saying goes, “April showers bring May flowers,” but sometimes it’s more difficult to see the flowers for the showers. This last year has been a season of waiting and hoping that the “showers” will one day give way to new “flowers.” Over the past few weeks, as more and more of our world has moved into increasing activity and what some have called “normalcy,” the flowers are now beginning to show up more and more.

The phones and emails at Prism have been buzzing like bees helping our customers find their way to resolution. The days are longer and warmer. And unlike a year ago when streets were all but vacant, people are walking, riding bikes, boiling crawfish, and celebrating the joys of being alive. Of course, our bees at Claris Pointe know little difference between this year and last year. But as warmer weather and nectar-producing flowers show up, the bees have begun their annual 90 day sprint to make all the honey for this next year. Thankfully, the bees in their diligence and untiring work ethic have an abundance that leaves us with one of Nature’s sweetest treats: honey.

It’s easy to forget the “flower” times when it feels like all we see are the “showers,” but without the rain we have no flowers. Despite our desire for endless long, warm, sunny times, we need the rain and showers of life to soften us, to awaken the seeds of life that lead to new “flowers.” In the Judeo-Christian tradition, April is often the time of Easter. Like the saying, “April showers bring May flowers”, the Easter celebration reminds us that without Good Friday there is no Easter.

Enjoy the showers, for soon the flowers will once again remind us that there is always more to life than what we may be currently seeing in front of us.

March Maybe

March Maybe blog

I have long been a lover of Nature. By “Nature,” I mean more than the beauty of a sunset or the clouds rolling in the sky with no apparent agenda or destination other than simply sharing their beauty. Nature fascinates me with its seasons, its constant dynamic change, its continual spatial flow compared to our often linear illusory belief that life is static, objective, and defined by our individual destinations and separateness. It is Nature’s connectedness, its unity that helps me remember we are part of a community and not isolated, separate individuals.

A few times every year, the Prism Group team pauses from the daily hustle and spends a few hours sharing and reflecting on our roles at home, at work, and within the broader community. We let a theme or focus drive our discussions. This year’s focus is the short phrase “room for maybe.” Much of what we read, hear, watch, and experience is framed by boundaries and lines that seem so permanent and fixed. Static barriers that often make life seem stilted and tiring. No room for maybe, no room for possibility and flexibility.

March is Nature’s reminder that new life is but a bud away. Soon our days will be longer and warmer, and birds and bees will be singing and buzzing reminding us that despite the bleakness of winter and its freezes, March maybe is about to blossom. And March reminds us at Prism, there is always room for maybe, if we’ll only stop long enough to look and listen to the new ways of being and living.

But a mindset of “room for maybe” won’t happen as long as we lock our minds and spirits in the daily barrage of boundaries built on certainty.

Give March a chance to remind you that there is always “room for maybe” in life. Take a few minutes and glance at what Nature is about. We all need a little more “room for maybe.” And maybe March can be the beginning of that space for you!