As schools empty, summer camps begin, and the temperatures rise, we’re all getting into the long-awaited summer groove of long, lingering, mosquito-filled nights on patios, where the fans are blowing, the sun is setting, and time seems to slow down.

This distortion of time is perhaps why, for kids, summer is the ultimate stretch of fun and freedom: it appears endless. This seeming infiniteness allows for wild imaginings and an ability to soak up the moment like no other. There is the thrill of staying up past your school year bedtime, backyard water games with friends, frequent visits to the snow cone stand and ice cream shop, and no end in sight to all the things you’ve wanted to do that have previously been off-limits due to homework and bedtime.

Summertime. Sweet summertime.
Those were the days, remember?!

As childhood turns to adulthood and we graduate (literally) from school to work, this “summertime” feeling can fade away and be replaced with the stress of shuttling kids to and fro, planning vacations that turn into just new places to check our email, and simply longer, hotter workdays. That “sweet summertime” feeling we had in childhood becomes a thing of the past, and summer turns into just another season.

However, the truth is that the infinite joyful freedom we felt as barefoot pre-teens and newly-licensed teenagers is still within us all. That wild imagination and ability to soak up a moment for all it is still lives within us. We have to surrender.

Put down our phones and pick up a pool toy.
Leave our emails at the office and be fully off the clock.
Roll down the windows, turn up the music, and dance.

Summertime. Sweet summertime.
These are the days, remember?

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