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Risking It All In The Name of Growth: A Lesson From The Bees

March 22, 2023

The bees are doing something interesting this time of year. To the unaware eye, they might look like they’re just swarming around a little extra. To the uninformed patio-sitter, they might even present a nuisance. But you, Prism friend, are not unaware or uninformed, because you are here, reading this very blog! And we want

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Are You Jaded? Why Being Jaded is Harmful

February 21, 2023

At Prism, we talk a lot about the power of perspective and how the way we look at things greatly impacts the way we actually experience things. We think of perspective like a lens through which we see the circumstances in front of us— like different pairs of glasses, each with their own unique visual-altering

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New Year, (Not) New You

January 19, 2023

The saying goes, “New year, new me!” And while with good intentions and beautiful enthusiasm for self-improvement, we actually think the real key to the desired self & lifestyle improvements many of us begin to seek during the new year season is to remember that despite it being a new year, there is not a

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Navigating Conflict At Christmas

December 14, 2022

Starting way back with Halloween and extending all the way to Christmas, “the holiday season” is known as a time of joy and cheer. There’s a magic in the air, people seem more smiley in the stores, and the near-constant Christmas music helps encourage the “jolliness” of the season. Certainly, this time of year can

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Gratitude Is A Perspective.

November 22, 2022

Gratitude is a perspective. It’s a way of looking at life and the world around you. When we look at our days with a perspective of gratitude, suddenly, we have everything to be grateful for. When we view the world through a lens of gratitude, we subconsciously stockpile a collection of positivity, priming our brains

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Efficiency vs. Effectiveness: Prism’s Mediation Approach

October 19, 2022

This month, Prism had the privilege of presenting about our mediation practice at the Louisiana Worker’s Compensation Seminar by Juge Napolitano. Because mediation is about so much more than just reaching a settlement, we thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to share some insights about our strategies and mindsets we use in the mediation room. Among the

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Do You Remember? (The 21st Night Of September) Dance More, Think Less.

September 20, 2022

All month long we’ve had the Earth, Wind & Fire hit song, September playing on repeat in our heads. It is one of those songs you can’t help but groove to when it comes on. (We know, “the kids” aren’t using that word any more, but it’s only fitting here!) As the first few iconic notes build

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Expand Your World By Discovering Your Genius (And Others’, Too)

August 15, 2022

Maybe you were a straight A student through and through, always told how smart you were, and always believing it (for the most part.) Maybe, like some of us, you skated by with Cs and heard how you weren’t “that smart” and you believed that, too. Our education system teaches us one definition of “smart”

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Claris Honey: How The Prism Honey Gets From Bee to Jar

July 21, 2022

Hopefully by now you’ve had the pleasure of tasting some of our fresh, local honey made by our very own Prism bees. (If you haven’t, as you’re about to learn— we have plenty! Be sure to ask any Prism team member next time you’re around and we’ll give you a jar.) Our “Claris Honey” as

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Prism’s Newest Mediator: Joe Guilbeau

July 7, 2022

We hope you enjoy getting to know Joe a little more through the following questions + answers! How long have you been doing work with Prism prior to joining the team? I believe I have been using the Prism Group since inception but frankly it has been so long ago I can’t really remember the

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