Meet The Team: Emily

Prism is a people-first organization. We treat our clients like people with real human experiences (because that’s who they are!), and we are a team made up of people too. We believe in the power of people-to-people connection, and as such, we like to allow others to get to know the people that make up our team. This week, learn about our newest hire, Emily Steele, and check out this short video of her explaining the role of her work for Prism Group!

How long have you been with Prism & how did you find your way here?

I suppose technically I’ve been “with” Prism since its inception, as I’m one of Alan’s 5 kids, but formally I’ve been working with Prism part-time since 2017ish and full-time as of 2022.

What do you enjoy contributing to the Prism Team? 

As a creative person, I really enjoy the fact that something that is truly a hobby for me gets to be such a large part of my work. It’s often hard to describe what I do, but it’s rewarding to see  the impact of what I make, write and organize for Prism’s team as well as for our clients. 

What/how does being a part of the Prism Team add to your life?

Working with Prism has given me a huge sense of purpose for my interests and skill sets. Previously, I spent most of my time working on my own business and trying to get that off the ground, which was fun but also very tough and discouraging some days. Since joining Prism full-time, it’s given me a renewed confidence in what I have to offer, both in my work here and to my work outside of Prism. 

What have you learned from the mediation business that has been helpful in navigating your own life challenges?

That there is always a different way of looking at a situation, our own narrative about what’s happening can really get in the way of making the next move, and slowing down long enough to think through options before rushing to an emotional decision is really important!

What is your favorite way to spend your time outside of work? Married?  

I’m newly wed and recently a Texas-resident, so outside of work I’m exploring a new city by way of running, biking, and trying new restaurants with my husband.

How many kids and where are they in life?

See “newlywed” answer  😉 no kids yet!

What are you reading and/or watching right now? 

Reading: “Spark,” by John J. Ratey, among several others as I like to start and stop books at the same time. We’re watching “The Morning Show” currently- really good so far!

Any recommendations?

I would recommend The Morning Show if you want a sort of “parallel” to today’s news & women-in-the-workforce situations. It’s equal parts entertaining & realistic. If you’re not in the mood to think, we just finished Ted Lasso and laughed every episode!

What famous or well-known individual would you most like to meet and have a conversation?

Hmm… probably Brene Brown because I love her ideas and feel like she would just be easy to talk to!