Get To Know The Prism Group

Get To Know The Prism Group!

Extensive experience. Proven expertise. Driven by the principles of care and respect. This is what Prism Group offers its clients and those seeking resolution and a better tomorrow.

Prism Group was founded by Alan Jordan and formed from his desire to help others discover and understand the importance of people, purpose and perspective. As the son of a local builder, Alan’s passion for work began early in life where he began working alongside his father building homes. This work transformed his life, planting seeds of his love for business and its correlation to one’s efforts. After practicing law for nearly 20 years, Alan experienced a career philosophy change that led him to mediation. Energized by his new career path, Alan found the personal fulfillment he sought through his work helping others discover common ground and resolve their conflict, and Prism Group was born.

Partner mediator Sean Rastanis joined Alan at Prism Group after more than 20 years in the legal field specializing in workers’ compensation. Throughout the ups and downs of a diverse practice, Sean realized his strength in resolving large and complex workers’ comp cases and developed a passion for bringing people together on their path to resolution. Like Alan, Sean had a desire to help companies and individuals resolve their disputes and change the way people think about resolution in workers’ comp cases.

Together Alan and Sean have a unique ability to listen to both parties without bias, assess the situation and problem, and then develop solutions that can bring new clarity to everyone involved.

The Prism Group team is rounded out by five additional team members who each play a key role in the success of the company. Administrative and logistics team members, Teri, Jerrie and Darlene, ensure that no step is overlooked when scheduling mediations and working with clients to deliver an exceptional experience. Prism Group’s culture and creative voice are products of team members Emily and Cindy. Cindy and Emily use their creativity to infuse a caring touch into everything Prism Group provides its clients. Prism Group’s unique venue, Claris Pointe, is where resolution takes place. Cindy uses her energy and dedication to ensure that Claris Pointe is a place of comfort where clients experience a relaxing atmosphere to make important decisions toward resolution.

Acting with care and connecting and collaborating together with the purpose of helping others find and choose a better tomorrow is how the Prism Group team lives each day. For over 15 years, Prism Group has conducted over 4,000 mediations providing a sense of care and understanding for all parties and sharing its passion to help those in dispute see situations in a new light.