Change Is Constant

Change is the Constant in All of Life

Shorter days, falling leaves, and cooler temperatures remind us that change is here.

It’s been a year full of changes that almost none of us could have predicted just a few short months ago.

  • A worldwide virus that drove all of us into a new space away from friends, and oftentimes, family.
  • Interrupted routines that we once took for granted bringing us a sense of sameness and comfort.
  • A new vocabulary (“Zooming”, “social distancing”, “COVID-19”) along with some new accessories like face shields, hand sanitizer everywhere one turns, and masks that have now become designer-driven statements.

While some of us think of change as an event, Nature knows better.

Change is constant. We can see this as we watch the seasons change. What trips and traps us people is the illusion that change is more of a destination than a process. At Prism, we talk about the “Prism Way” – the process that honors people and their perspectives which leads one down the path of resolution. Like the leaves and the rest of nature, falling in the flow of change and adapting as needed is the key not only to resolution, but to living well.

So, as you step back into some of your old routines with falling temperatures and changing colors, remember change is the constant in all of life. Our job is to remain aware and present to these changes knowing that new opportunities and experiences lie ahead if we only be patient with the process of change.