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About Us

Who We Are

Our principles of care and respect enable both parties to move toward a new common purpose. We confidently and comfortably resolve conflict with a personal touch.

Prism Group specializes in resolution of state and federal workers’ comp cases. Our unique process of assessing problems and developing solutions allows companies, organizations and individuals to move forward with resolution, new clarity and opportunities, renewed purpose, and increased productivity and fulfillment.

Our approach is simple: through collaboration and communication, help the parties discover outcomes that lead to resolution while treating those involved with dignity and respect. In over 15 years of handling nearly 4,000 disputes, Prism Group has consistently helped parties in conflict discover and choose a path toward resolution.

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Where resolution takes place.

Facilitating effective resolution requires a specific type of environment- a neutral space designed to generate meaningful, productive conversation.

The perfect pairing of relaxed ease and modern convenience, Claris Pointe brings people together on the path to resolution. Resolution happens at Claris Pointe.

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Extensive Experience

Proven Expertise

At Prism Group, these are the assets we draw upon in helping individuals and businesses resolve conflict and successfully move forward. How do we consistently achieve positive results? By providing effective, accurate, thorough and creative mediation services. Our aim is simple – to foster workable outcomes through cooperation and communication while treating all involved parties with the utmost respect, dignity and consideration.

Our Team

Alan Jordan Founder / Owner

Prism Group was founded from Alan’s desire to help others discover and understand the importance of people, purpose and perspective—both personally and professionally. As the son of a local builder, Alan’s passion for work began early in life. He began working with his father at a young age constructing houses, and during his freshman year at LSU, he built a small home. This was a transformational experience for Alan. He recalls, “The seeds of business and its correlation to one’s efforts were planted deep that summer.”

Alan was a practicing attorney for nearly 20 years before experiencing a career philosophy change that led him to mediation. Energized by his new career path, Alan found the personal fulfillment he sought through his work helping others discover common ground and resolve their conflict. Leading Prism Group for over 15 years, Alan has been involved in close to 4,000 mediations, each time bringing to the table a keen understanding of people, a propensity to ask the questions that matter and a passion to help those in dispute see situations in a new light.

Sean Rastanis Mediator

Sean began his legal career over 20 years ago as a law clerk at his father’s firm in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Through the twists and turns of a diverse practice, his strength in resolving large and complex workers’ compensation cases became impossible to ignore. This specialization in workers’ compensation led him to meet Alan Jordan and eventually join the
mediation team at Prism Group. Sean’s focus on listening and educating, coupled with his experience in handling cases from both sides, provides him a unique perspective and understanding of both the injured employee, employer and the insurance carrier.

Michelle Sorrells Mediator

Michelle joined the Prism team in 2021 as our 3rd mediator. In addition to over 25 years of experience with workers’ compensation cases, Michelle brings with her an unmatched passion for helping people find resolution together with her genuine care & understanding in every case. Outside of work, Michelle can be found reading, playing chess, or spending time with her 2 daughters.

Joe Guilbeau Mediator

Joe’s extensive experience representing both employers and insurance companies for the last 35 years has equipped him with the industry knowledge, personal communication tools, patience & strategy to be an effective mediator. His defense practice of predominantly workers compensation cases naturally led to mediations with the Prism Group, which he joined in 2022 as the 4th member of our mediation team. Outside of his worklife, Joe is a member of the very active Dawnbusters Kiwanis Club in Metairie, Lector at St. Clement of Rome Church, self-employed bourbon and scotch taster on weekends, and a very involved “Papa Joe” to his four grandchildren.

Teri S. Boudreau Administrative Team Member

Teri graduated from LSU Paralegal Studies Program in 1993. She is one of the original team members of Prism Group and has worn many hats throughout her 27 years with the company. As office manager, she assists in various roles of administrative support and handles all accounts payables and receivables. In her spare time, Teri enjoys cooking meals for family and friends, listening to music and dancing (when nobody’s watching).

Jerrie Landry Logistics Team Member

When Jerrie joined Prism Group in 2019, she brought with her over 20 years of experience within the legal field. She enjoys working with customers and scheduling mediations in a timely and friendly manner. Jerrie’s favorite past times are taking long walks with her dogs, biking, gardening with her husband, and relaxing by the pool.

Darlene Faust Logistics Team Member

After graduating from Southeastern Louisiana University, Darlene entered LSU’s Paralegal Studies Program, during which time she joined Alan’s team. Since
graduating in 1995, Darlene has worked alongside Teri and Alan, wearing many hats from executing paralegal duties to scheduling mediations, and plenty of “hats” in between. After working full-time at Prism Group, Darlene answered the call to family duties. Although she now works part-time, she is still willing to fill any need to support the Prism Group team. At home, Darlene stays busy with teenage children, and her husband of 22 years. She loves to travel and read, but has little time for either, because her family keeps her on the run.

Emily Steele Culture Team Member

Emily joined the Prism Group team in 2019 as Prism’s creative voice. Emily is the designer behind Prism’s custom thank you cards! She enjoys writing content for the variety of items that Prism sends to its clients, delivering a personal, caring touch. When she’s not creating work for Prism Group, Emily can be found biking, running, cooking, painting, or spending time with friends.

Connie Jordan Culture Team Member

Connie met Alan in 1984 while both of them were attending LSU Law School. They married just before graduation, and Connie practiced briefly before shifting her focus to raise their five children. Over the years, Connie has played an integral behind-the-scenes role on the Prism Group team, but she’s perhaps most known for her homemade treats given to everyone involved in a mediation with Prism Group! When she’s not baking or helping with other organizational and logistics tasks for Prism, she enjoys planning trips to visit her children and their families scattered across the United States.

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